What Do I Need To Know About Booking A Gulet?

While there isn’t too much to really know about booking a gulet charter holiday; a few key bits of information is certainly helpful so that your expectations are not overridden with a surprise or two. Once you have decided on your dream gulet, then it is time to confirm your booking. The steps are as follows:

  • Confirming a booking is done in writing usually through email.
  • A contract is prepared with all the details previously agreed on and sent to you by email.
  • During this time the boat is placed on option, meaning it is reserved for you so that it is not booked by another client. This duration is one week during off season months and 1 – 3 days during peak season months (last minute periods)
  • You review the contract, and if all as agreed, sign and send a scanned copy by email or by fax.
  • Then an official of Mirya Charters signs and the scanned contract is emailed back to you for your records.
  • The payment terms and bank information will be written in the agreement. Therefore you simply follow the payment terms and wire your deposit.
  • Once your funds have been confirmed by the bank, your booking is officially confirmed and the boat is yours for the charter period you have agreed on.
  • A bank wire receipt is requested for your first and subsequent payments in order to track your funds.
  • While each charter may vary from each other due to client request, preferences, the terms of the boat, etc. these steps are a simple generalization of the booking process.
    The rest of your charter booking is left for Mirya Charters to plan with you, further details, and organized by the time you arrive to board your gulet. And that is pretty much all that is done to do your private gulet charter booking.