Experience the Magic of East Turkey Tours

Touristica, where you can visit the most impressive places of Eastern Anatolia with its impressive historical buildings, unique nature and colorful cultural features, can take a journey like a fairy tale with Eastern Anatolia tours. You can catch a full holiday opportunity with a seven-day tour with Plane Eastern Anatolia tour which is one of the Eastern Anatolia tours.

You can start your holiday with Muş, Bitlis, Ahlat, Nemrut Crater Lake tour route on the first day of your tour with Büyük Doğu Anadolu Tour. On the first day of the trip you will be able to go to Ahlat, which is the oldest settlement of the Turks in Anatolia. After visiting Ahlat, which is among the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, you will also be able to visit the Seljuk Cemetery where you can see the most remarkable examples of Turkish art.

It will be an impressive experience to see this Seljuk State place with tombstones and vaults reaching 4 meters in height. On the second day of the Eastern Anatolia Tour, you will visit Akdamar Island, Çavuştepe, Carpet Workshop and Van Castle. On the third day of your tour you will visit Muradiye, İshakpaşa Palace, Mount Ararat and Anı Ruins. On the fourth day of the Great Eastern Anatolia Tour, you will be able to visit Kars, Kars Castle, Sarıkamış and Erzurum with expert guides. During this day, you will be able to visit the streets that have been occupied by the Russians for 40 years and still bear the traces of Russian architecture.

You will also be able to visit Taşköprü and Kars Cathedral and Namık Kemal House in Kars, where the most striking examples of Baltic architecture are located in our country. You can also visit the Sarıkamış Allahuekber Martyrs’ Cemetery in memory of our soldiers in Sarıkamış, which is a scene of quite tragic events. Erzincan, Divrigi, Kemeliye and Karanlık Canyon on the fifth day of your tour will be among your sightseeing route.

On this day you can see the Divriği Ulu Mosque, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. One of the most important works of Islamic architecture, Divriği Ulu Mosque and Darüşşifası will be on the fifth day of your tour. On the sixth day of your trip, you will be able to continue your tour with Kemaliye, Apçağa and Lökhane. On the last day of your tour, you will visit Malatya, Şirehan Bazaar, Malatya Museum, Elazığ and Harput.