No. 1 Rated Blue Cruise Dish By Guests

The concept of blue cruise holidays is a custom tailored yacht vacation style that caters to many different kinds of travellers. They come from different parts of the globe to share special times with either friends or family or both. While these are bespoke holidays, a private gulet charter does offer an array of already amazing dishes that are presented to blue cruise travellers. Generally the menus contain fresh ingredients in fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, fruits and of course deserts! But there is one winning dish that you might encounter and served on many Turkish gulets.

The presentation of this blue cruise dish is interesting and basically a large fish on a big oven tray covered in thick salt. It is baked and when it comes out to the table, the salt coated fish is flaming. It makes for an amazing display – such like the excitement of a candle lit birthday cake. For those having this dish for the first time, it might seem ceremonial. Why?

When the tray comes out and placed on the large wooden varnished table, the chef or hostess will ask for one of the guests to assist in the “first crack”. Yes the salt is harden during the baking process. Therefore a small hammer and thongs are required to crack the salt, which breaks off, and then the fish is taken in serving sized pieces and placed on the plate of each guest. It’s tradition that the guests having this fine dish do the “first crack” and break off the thick salt from the fish.

Of all the guests we have served on blue cruise holidays, when asked which was there most interesting and tasty dish on board, they rated Fish in Salt number one.

Have you tried “tuzda balık” before? What was your experience like? How did your fish taste?