The Most Popular And Inviting Island On A Blue Cruise Route

One of the most popular ‪‎Dodecanese‬ islands on a ‪blue cruise‬ route; ‪Symi‬. It’s one of those must-see places, ‪‎picturesque‬ from the moment you enter the harbor. Shopping, strolls, perhaps a scooter trip around the island, a few bites and drinks at one of the local tavernas… it’s a great island to spend overnight on one of your ‪‎gulet‬ ‪‎holidays‬ whether you are sailing from ‪Turkey‬ or exploring the Dodecanese.

Symi Island Facts & Features

  • Located in the Southern Dodecanese, north of Rhodes and southwest off the coast of Turkey.
  • Dates back to the Trojan Wars (1100 B.C.)
  • Became a part of Greece in 1947
  • Yialos, Symi harbor
  • There is a replica of the Lindos ship with war memorial, from WWII after Germans had surrendered the Dodecanese.
  • There is also a Nautical Museum located at the back of the Town Square, recognized by the canons outside.
  • The town centre also hosts a variety of venues such as the Symi Festival.
  • St. John’s Church is a part of this venue as is the Petrides School near the church.
  • 19th Century mansions can be seen 350 steps from Chorio along the Kali Strata
  • The Kali Strata is also a venue point in Syllogos Square
  • There are ruins of the castle rebuilt by the Knights of St. John during the early 15th century and the Church of the Assumption.
  • Museum along Kali Strata in Old Chorio
  • There are various other churches in Chorio with unique pebblework, as well as monasteries that can be seen around the island
  • Symi is famed for its neo-classical architecture, picturesque with many narrow lanes
  • Travellers can also visit an old winery and ruins of old wine presses by following the signs
  • The most famous Monastery is the Archangel Michael of Panormitis. The original church of St. Michael was built in 450 A.D. on the site where the ancient temple to Apollo is located.