Top Sandy Beaches Of Turkey

Turkey, especially the one of an eligible country from too much reason for the holiday tourists from every country in the summer would visit Turkey every year. Tourists can benefit from the many advantages of hotels such as entertainment and amenities. Also holidaymakers can use public transport and their own private cars. So they can explore the perfect and protected beaches. Top 10 of these beaches are listed below.

Kleopatra Beach- Alanya

Kleopatra beach located in one of  the most famous  beaches in Alanya, Turkey. It attracts tourists with clear and deep blue sea every year.

Iztusu- Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach, which is a natural wonder, is 5,400 meters long from the skirt of the Radar Hill to the Bosphorus. If you include the small beach of the West of the Bosphorus, the total length exceeds 6 kilometers. Dalyan is a very suitable for  carretta carrettas for laying eggs. The west side of this fine sandy beach can be reached by boat and the east side by road.

İçmeler Beach-Marmaris

Small islands across the forest, high hills covered with forests offers holidaymakers a nice leisure pleasure. There are many cafes and restaurants along the beach. There are also many large shopping stores. It is possible to see jewelery, leather and clothing stores almost along the way. Fresh water flowing from the canals into the sea adds a different atmosphere to the region.

Kaputas Beach- Kas

Difficult to access is considered a factor that increases the attractiveness of the beach. Under a narrow road carved out of the rocky mountain slopes, you can reach the beach, which is located at the end of the canyon, by descending 187 steps. 187 steps may be more for you, but you can be sure that every step of the view of the beach will fascinate you.

Ilıca Beach-Cesme

The most beautiful sand beaches of the fountain, which extends for miles, are in this region. The closest shore to a hot spring is made in the middle of the sea to enjoy the pleasure of the spa. The oldest people of the region come here and enter the water when the sea is calm. Rock fish continue to swim under your feet without mind.