Top 10 Blue Cruise Reasons To Travel In September

One of the most popular holiday styles in the last decade have been blue cruises. A vacation that offers both the pleasure of the sea combined with various other activities on land. A custom tailored holiday that is geared for pure enjoyment when chartering a private gulet. Cabin charters are also available and are just as exciting for travelers who prefer it. There are 3 seasons blue cruise gulet holidays are available. The low season months include late April, May, October. The mid season months are June and September, and the high season are July and August. The most favored time of the year to enjoy a luxury blue cruise is September; and here are 10 top reasons why.

  • Temperatures. It’s not too hot or humid, and certainly torable compared to July and August.
  • The waters are still quite very warm for water sports.
  • Charter rates are favorable, especially if you book your gulet or gulet cabin in advance.
  • The harbors, bays, islands will have fewer boat traffic so you could probably anchor in your own private bay or cove.
  • There is a beautiful breeze in the afternoons which make for a pleasurable time on the large aft cushions, on the forward deck while tanning or taking a stroll on a beach.
  • Airfare is cheaper too.
  • Ideal time for peaceful activities such as yoga, cycling, walking, hiking.
  • More gulets to choose from.
  • Waters are cleaner compared to the high season months.
  • More mature travelers, rather than those who are seeking more livelier entertainment on board and ashore.
  • Have you been on a blue cruise holiday before? What time of year did you go?