The Most Relaxing Spots in Turkey

The turquoise waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean discovering the bays and islands that have fallen from the embracing paradise is no longer an inaccessible dream. With a romantic gulet and watching all the shades of nature, among the unspoilt bays and islands, in the decor of the historical and cultural heritage of Lycia, after swimming in one of the coves bathed by Cleopatra, with your own fish and Turkish cuisine made by your chef with a thousand different dishes. and the clink glasses with friends, forget the smell of pine the stress of everyday routine work, asleep in a bay, to wake up in another bay, the sea to wash your face with pristine waters over a week to get the opportunity to see some of nature integrates with Turkey’s most important and largest tourism center blue voyage. Also these locations offer you that peaceful and relaxing holidays.

Butterfly Valley

The Valley of the Butterflies is one of the few unique paradises on earth that has been carefully shaped by nature. Located within the boundaries of Oludeniz, Fethiye, Mugla, the valley is home to 80 different butterfly species. A waterfall with a spring in the village of Faralya is poured into the valley, which passes through the valley and reaches the Mediterranean Sea. The butterfly valley, which is covered with turquoise sea on one side and 350 meters cliffs on the other side, is isolated from the outside world and thus it is not affected much by environmental pollution. Of course, the values and attitudes given by the operators to nature have a great impact on the protection of the valley. Butterfly Valley both of these unique properties, and has also become one of Turkey’s most beautiful natural habitats due to human sensitivity.It makes Butterfly Valley one of the most relaxing spots along any Turkish gulet blue cruise route.


When the Blue Cruise is mentioned, Göcek is one of the first places that come to mind will be seen in Turkey. Gocek is a uniquely quiet place, relatively untouched by tourism due to the lack of swimmable waterfront. However, when traveling by boat, sunbathing and swimming is always an option on board, allowing passengers to enjoy this bay for everything else it has to offer. Rustic waterside restaurants and a small town with shops and bars will give you plenty of reason to go ashore and explore the waterfront. In addition to a pleasant and peaceful sea holiday in Göcek, you can take part in water sports such as windsurfing, diving, and if you are interested in history, you can explore this city dating back centuries.


Out of the summer period, the population of 4 thousand barely Kaş, it has calm and peace. Tourism is the most important livelihood of the town. Kaş is a paradise with its bays, islands, peninsulas and natural harbors where green and blue meet. Kaş is a Mediterranean town with its cobblestone streets, all-seasons sparkling sun, sea, forest and plateaus and its moonlight. Bougainvilleas adorn the houses with wooden balconies rising on both sides of the streets.