The joys of a private charter in Turkey

The general name given to the holiday journey with boats, gulets and yachts on different routes from Bodrum to Antalya is “Blue Tour’’ general. In addition, a new sector has emerged in the tourism world thanks to this term, which has been given to the world of tourism as a yolculuk blue cruise ”.

Holidaymakers participating in the blue cruise tours, which are active from the summer months until the end of summer; They have the opportunity to see the ancient places of the Greek Islands while having the opportunity to watch over the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea and stay in the magnificent beauties of nature.

In the exquisite bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean; Evaluating untouched virgin beauties, examining the ancient places of history that have come from centuries ago to today, changes the understanding of “holiday bir in a moment. Antalya, Marmaris, Kekova, Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris and Bodrum coastal routes that include the blue cruise tours and the privileges of spending a pleasant time in the Greek Islands are also offered. Offering the best opportunities for fishing, swimming in the deep blue sea, staying alone with nature, water sports and water entertainment, Blue Voyage brings the blue of life, the rhythm of peace and the exquisite dimension of relaxation.

Those who want to differentiate the holiday experience prefer blue cruise cruises and those who want to give different sentences to the holiday literature, they can reach accurate results with their choices.Blue cruise advantages and possibilities are offered with unlimited options and quality services. Desired ones; While they can take advantage of cabin rental services, they can also rent the whole boat upon request. This makes it easy to draw your own route.

Fresh and delicious seafood, international cuisine, great flavors of the breakfast section and more can be caught together in the blue cruise tours of the stress and fatigue experienced during the year offers a pleasant way to get away. All you need to do to become a partner of all these beauties is to make a reservation