Take Your Blue Cruise One Day At A Time

Planning your holidays, and a blue cruise is something you yet have to experience? Here are few tips to get you started. The whole process of organizing is simple once all the details are clear. The planning can be just as simple. Key points in a customized trip are: confirming your group, travel dates, deciding on your gulet, what you want to do on your trip, where you want to go, and your meals and drinks – from the agent’s perspective. Flights are easier nowadays too with so many options available online or your local travel agency. Once all this is known, the rest is super easy!

Confirming Your Group

In order to cost your trip effectively, the more guests in your private group charter the easier it can be for the wallet. And sometimes to get a higher class boat, larger guests counts will offer that premium standard in a gulet. So once you’ve pretty much have a guest count confirmed give or take a couple of people, then you can start looking at the size of gulet that best suits your requirements.

Travel Dates

This is very important. A blue cruise charter generally revolves around a Saturday start since nearly all boats book this way. There is the off time that a gulet trip will start on a different day, but not very likely unless maybe it is the beginning or near-ending of the low season. It’s best to ask your agent if you can only depart on another day other than Saturdays.

Deciding on Your Gulet

Yes the most important part of planning your gulet holidays. Well to start, your agent does need to know how many people will be in your group. This starts the shortlisting of boats. Your budget is the next important question to help filter the boat selection. This gets you started on a good list of what is available during the period you are available to travel. As not one gulet will be the same as the next, your standards play a role in the quality of boat you desire – within your budget. At Our Blue Cruise all of our gulets are either Luxury or Deluxe class. This means that you have air conditioning, with a fully crewed gulet, and well maintained gulets to choose from. In addition to our own Central Charter, management gulets, and the ones based in Croatia, we have direct owner access and cooperation with a dozens of other gulets – should our selection not be suitable to your requirements.

What Do You Want To Do on Your Trip, Where Do You Want to Go?

This question helps your agent determine the best or most suitable itinerary for you and your guests. If you aren’t sure or not familar with the regions, your expert agent who is very knowledgeable about all the blue cruise destinations. Therefore depending on your group – whether family, friends, age groups, etc. he/she can assist in making some suggestions to help you decide if the itinerary is right for you.

Meals and Drinks

There are Blue Cruise Turkey menus available to choose from. While Turkish based gulets also allow you to bring your own food, drinks, alcohol / groceries on board, boats based in Croatia do not. Croatian gulets offer full and half board. The half board is mandatory and drinks/alcohol are not allowed to be brought on board on most boats. Some gulets in Croatia will charge a corkage fee should guests wish to buy and bring on board their own drinks. There is no corkage fee on gulets in Turkey and Turkish based gulets serving in Greece. We suggest that it is easier to choose from a menu as there are other provisions needed to stock and prepare the boat for your blue cruise travels – than trying to compose a shopping list yourself.

If you have any questions – let us know. We are full of information to help guide you in planning your gulet holidays in the Eastern Mediterranea. Once all is in place and you’re happy with your gulet holiday arrangements; then just take your blue cruise one day at a time and enjoy the treasures this side of the globe!