Kemer to Kekova: Best bays to visit on gulets

Kemer has a typical Mediterranean climate. Kemer has a warm weather in summer and rainy weather in winter. The hottest months are July and August. There are many alternatives for transportation to Kemer. Antalya Airport is used for transportation by plane. Antalya airport, 13 km from Antalya. distance to the east. The distance between Antalya Airport and Kemer is approximately 57 km.


The southern coast of Turkey, about 43 km from Antalya. located west of Kemer, Turkey is one of the world’s most popular resort locations. Kemer is a holiday resort with magnificent natural beauties where sea, mountains and pine forests meet. Kemer and the most holiday villages, hotels, hostels and bungalows in Antalya, Kemer accommodation is very good. There are many activities that can be done in Kemer. sightseeing tours to be made to the environment places the sake of living natural beauty, blue voyage tours, daily boat tours, jeep safaris, sea and enjoying the beach, historic sights and trips to shopping and Kemer Turkey with entertainment life is the most important and is a popular holiday center. Kemer beaches offer excellent facilities for holidaymakers. You can have a nice day at Kemer beaches and water sports such as parasailing, jet-skiing and diving. You can also take part in boat trips to the surrounding bays.


Kekova, which has the cleanest sea not only in Antalya but also in the whole Mediterranean region, owes its cleanliness to this undisputed protection. Having gained a great appreciation of foreign visitors to Turkey this issue has been a source of pride in the Republic of international protectionism. Kekova Island has never had the characteristics of a city like two small harbors across it, but rather protects the two cities against the Mediterranean like a curtain; sailors’ shelter was used as a shipbuilding and repair base. The ruins on the northwest coast of the island, which is called Bat Sunken City bugün today. It is the most colorful corner of Kekova which has been used as a commercial and military base since the 5th century. Tersane Bay is the most abundant place to swim, as well as the basilica apse of the Byzantine period and the archaeological remains. The so-called submerged city is located near the corner of the mainland carved in the remains of settlements and water-based foundations are located. The fact that only the structures in this corner have been submerged can be explained by the possibility of the earthquake lying from this corner of the island towards the mainland.