How To Begin Your Search For A Gulet Charter?

So you are considering a gulet holiday? That’s great! Well if this is the first time for you, unlike motor yachts and bareboats; gulet charters and the style of holidays they offer are slightly different when it comes to finding a boat for you and your guests. Before looking at boats and contacting a blue cruise expert, it may help to ask yourself a few questions. The answers that you give yourself will help a charter consultant shortlist boats that may be an ideal “fit” for your requirements – as not one gulet will be the same as the next since these are very custom designed and built wooden boats constructed according to owner’s style, budget, and service standards.

One of the questions is to know how many guests will be in your gulet charter group. Knowing this will filter that boats that best suit in size and accommodation. However if you are in the planning stages and have not established the number of people will be in your group, an approximate number will also be helpful. For example if you anticipate 10 – 14 people; your agent will most likely offer you gulets that have a capacity of 16. What this does is give you that extra space just in case you are more than 12. In other cases, guests like having a cabin to themselves. Therefore with a gulet that has 8 cabins, a group of 10 can be offered to 4 guests in 2 double or master cabins; and 6 guests with their own cabin. To plan your accommodation arrangements; discussing this with your agent will be helpful.

Another piece of information that is important is budget. If everyone is paying for their own share of the gulet charter price (plus food and beverages), then you (group leader) need to find out how much each person or each couple or family can afford. For example if each person (in a group of 10) have 1,500 Euros per week; then a gulet price of 10,500 Euros or a similar price range in the 10 person or higher gulet sizes. Generally this price group will offer a 2 star; or otherwise known as “luxury” class gulet.

All other details/criteria can easily established after this information. It will bring it down to the style of gulet and which ports the boat(s) are available from.

For more questions and information, definitely contact your charter consultant. Lastly, it is in the best interest of the charterer not to contact more than 3 agents. The more places you ask, the harder it will become to make your final decision.