Enjoy Turkey Beach Holidays

1. Ölüdeniz- Fethiye

It would be unfair not to put Oludeniz which was selected as the most beautiful beach in the world in
2006. Oludeniz, like the name of a stagnant lake, but is constantly renewed with intensive spring
water outlets. You can find many affordable accommodation options such as hotels, pensions and
camping in Ölüdeniz, which attracts the attention of foreign tourists. In addition to swimming on this
wonderful beach, you have the chance to do safari, mountaineering and paragliding activities in the

2. Kaputaş Beach- Kaş

Kaputaş Beach is the name of the exquisite beauty you will see on the left hand side of the coast road
between Kaş and Kalkan. The water of the beach is generally cool and turquoise. Kaputaş discover
one of Turkey's best beaches a bit tedious though we think it's worth the beauty. A great stop for a
fun break with your road friends.

3. Akvaryum Beach- Bozcaada

One of the most untouched beaches of Bozcaada, Aquarium Beach is an indispensable part of its
goers. Since there is no facility on the beach, we recommend that you take your umbrella and water
with you. Don't forget to take your snorkel and goggles to see the wonderful submarine feast. Access
to the Aquarium Bay is only possible by car.

4. Ilıca Beach– Çeşme

There are hot water springs in the sea in Ilica. The name of the beach comes from here. With its long,
wide, white sandy beach and warm thermal waters boiling in the sea, Ilıca is like a hot spring pool,
especially ideal for lovers of sand and warm water. In addition, the shallow waters of Ilıca beach are
also suitable for families with children.

5. Çıralı Beach- Antalya

You can camp or stay in bungalow hotels within walking distance of the beach in Çıralı, which is home
to Caretta Carettas, where history, green and sea meet. Cirali, natural and historical site because the
large buildings are not allowed to make the beach even more beautiful. The sea is slightly cool with
the effect of stream beds, and the beach is fine-grained sandy. Cirali sulars cool waters and Caretta
Carettas are waiting for you and your companions.