Diving in Kaş

Kaş has a lot to offer underwater. This unique underwater world of the Lycian coast with its interesting rock formations, rich sea creatures and ancient ruins is a paradise for divers. Diving in Kaş is a unique experience with adventure and fun. With more than 30 dive sites, Kas offers a rich biodiversity with reefs, cliffs, caves, ancient amphoras, shipwrecks and other interesting dive sites. With its crystal clear water up to 40 meters away, Kaş is home to many sea creatures such as giant underwater groupers, barracuda swarms, turtles, and ferns. Even the lucky ones have the opportunity to see dolphins and seals.

Mediterranean basin, which is one of the most important diving points and heaven Turkey’s dive in Kas, modern wrecks you dive from over 30 for every level, dating from ancient amphorae and anchors, large underwater caves, cliffs bango, walls and extensive seagrass meadows The rich Mediterranean underwater fauna and flora of Kaş-Kekova Special Marine Conservation Area is enriched with ”lepsepsian” species that migrate from the Red Sea and settle in the basin. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to walk around with sea turtles and even encounter rare monk seals. There is also an excellent underwater viewing range and 12 months of diving with water temperatures between 19 ° C (January) and 29 ° C (August) derece.