Discover the Hidden Bays and Beaches of Fethiye

1)Kabak Bay

Located on the foothills of Babadağ which is among the 100 protected mountains of the world, Kabak Bay, which is preferred by young travel lovers with its endemic plant diversity, wildlife and 200 meters bay, is 33 km away from Fethiye center.Pumpkin, which has a geological structure is rare in Turkey Cove, surrounded on three sides by mountains, deep valleys and canyons form this valley opened to the sea is composed of pebbled beaches. Kabak Bay, which is on the list of places to visit in Fethiye, is a region that has evolved separately from the others by being isolated, plant and animal species are unique to the region with its location surrounded by high rocks, streams and sea. The tiger butterflies, which give the Valley of the Butterflies its name, are also endemic species living here.

2)Karaot Beach

At the point where the sea of Kargi ends and meets a hill, the sandy part is called Karaot Beach. The most important feature of the beach is its untouched natural structure. A legendary place where lush nature embraces the deep blue sea. The area where the beach is located is designated as a protected area. This is because an endangered creature lives here. Caretta Caretta turtles. Fethiye plajs many beaches are the natural habitat of these creatures. It is possible to observe the natural life of these endangered species here.

3)İnlice Beach

Inlice Public Beach, which has a very large beach, is a suitable place for those who want to stand on the road and enjoy the sea. Take your umbrella and towel ready from the luggage and set up anywhere on the fine sand and enjoy the clean sea.There are showers, locker cabins, toilets and cafes operated by Fethiye Municipality to meet your needs on the beach. Shower, dressing booths and toilets were free. The prices of the café are a bit more affordable than their peers.

4)Butterfly Valley

Fethiye Butterfly Valley is one of the 100 mountains recommended for conservation as a world heritage due to its endemic species. The Butterfly Valley on the outskirts of Babadağ was declared a first degree natural site on 8 February 1995 and was closed to all kinds of buildings. If such a decision were not taken, we would not have such a natural beauty today. Surrounded by steep rocky walls reaching 350 meters, the Valley is named after more than 70 butterfly species and especially tiger butterflies. It flows through the middle of the valley with a small waterfall that springs from a height of 50 meters and reaches the Mediterranean Sea with a stream.