Bodrum Gulet Cruise

You can experience all the blue and calmness of the Mediterranean on the Blue Cruise which is far from the city life. Anyone who wants to participate in this tour of the infinity of blue, known as the color that relaxes people. When the blue and the sun of Bodrum come together and you are in this painting, it is one of the best ways to get away from all the stress.Bodrum is an ideal starting point for the blue voyage in Turkey’s Aegean coast.

The Gulf of Gökova is considered one of the best blue cruise routes in Europe. With its breezy sunshine, clear waters, deep blue skies, convenient mooring areas and friendly people, this coast offers a wide variety. There are many unspoilt places in the coastal areas and villages.Gökova and Gökova Gulf which are the routes in Bodrum are located 30 kilometers north of Marmaris. Those who come to Marmaris from Istanbul and Izmir direction know the Gulf of Gökova very well. The high altitude of the region offers visitors the opportunity to see spectacular scenery and natural beauty.

Every vehicle going to Marmaris must stop in Gökova hills and watch the view of the region. The Gulf of Gökova is also one of the best kitesurfing and kiteboarding centers in the world. Akyaka, the popular holiday resort on the shores of Gökova Bay and the Azmak River right next to it, the famous Cleopatra Island and Cleopatra Beach, and Akbük Bay are the most important places to visit in the Gulf of Gökova. The Gulf of Gökova is also a popular stopover for its unique bays and history and blue tour.