Blue Cruise Turkey Boat Types

There’s no better way to experience the coastal beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas than on a traditional wooden boat, known in Turkish as a “gulet” .

Originally derived from the French word for schooner, “goelette” , this ubiquitous Turkish sailing craft is still constructed using time-honored building methods and the term has expanded to include yachts of any shape and size, except the smaller double-ended “tirhandil” .

Gulets are stable, spacious craft designed to offer passengers the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The wide deck features an area known in Turkish as a “pigeon’s nest” in the stern of the boat. There, guests can settle onto soft cushions and pillows in the shade of awnings. In keeping with noise control regulations, air conditioning is kept limited in certain coves, so the “pigeon’s nest” is a cool, breezy spot to while away the hours when you’re not enjoying the refreshing waters of the sea. The cabins and aisles are also roomy, with the interiors generally finished in solid wood and numerous built-in cabin lockers and drawers offering plenty of space for storage.

The crew usually consists of a captain, chef and one or two experienced deckhands, although the size of the crew varies according to the size of the gulet. Naturally, the gracious crew handles all of the work, including the preparation of meals and cleaning. The galley is equipped to tailor menus to your special dietary requirements; just let us know in advance how we can best serve you. While the crew’s quarters are completely separate from those of the passengers, they are always there when you need them, treating you to Turkish hospitality at its best.