Blue Cruise Gulet Sailing Featuring The Aegean Sea Region

There are 4 main regions from where travellers can hire a gulet and enjoy a blue cruise holiday. These regions include the Mediterranean, Aegean, Ionian, and Adriatic. Again these areas are each divided into north, south, east and west.

The largest blue cruise gulet sailing region is found in the Aegean sea and divided into 4; the southwest Aegean, southeast Aegean, central Aegean south and central Aegean north. This area offers the most selection of itineraries worldwide and covers a vast area where gulet cruises operate from Turkey, or from Turkey in the Greek islands, or from Greece. From Turkey, it is the closest area to the islands in Greece. Namely the Dodecanese and the Cyclades islands groups. It is also where most of the charter gulets are based. The Aegean sea side is the origin of Turkish gulets as well; Bodrum, Turkey. Due to the geographical location, many gulets can also serve on the Mediterranean side of the Turkish coastline from the Aegean side. Amazing isn’t it?

The Aegean southwest main port is Marmaris, Turkey and pretty much where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. If you sail to the west, it will take you to the Mediterranean side. Sailing to the East – well it can take you all the way to the Central Aegean sea. Each area has its best times to sail features. For example the best times to enjoy the Cyclades are the months of late April, May, early June, late September and October. While the other months are just too windy to travel due to the very strong Meltemi winds where waves can reach as high as 4 or more meters. All the other spots are great from mid April until the end of October, and even perhaps the first week of November.

For more information, do contact us. If there is a special area you are interested in exploring on a gulet sailing blue cruise with your travel group, let us know. We know these areas very well and would be glad to assist.