All gulet cruise options to take from Bodrum

Immerse yourself in the Blue of Life with Blue Cruise in Bodrum.Turkey’s Aegean coast is an ideal starting point for sailing. The Gulf of Gökova is regarded as one of the best cruise areas in Europe.Abundant sunny, clear waters, steady blue skies, good mooring and friendly people, this coast offers many differences. It is rich in natural beauty and has numerous pristine areas in coastal settlements and villages. It is possible to observe the local people going about their traditional Turkish village fashion lives.


Rhodes, the largest of the 12 Greek islands, enjoys a sun-exposed location almost every day of the year. The average sun exposure is 3,000 hours per year. Rhodes, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, covers all tourism activities. Rhodes Island is the largest of the 12 Greek Islands on the Aegean Sea. Rhodes, which includes the islands administrative center Kos, Simi, Herke, Ileki and Meis, has a very bright position in the eyes of world tourism.Rhodes, the largest of the Greek islands, is a place full of historical background, traces of great sovereignty and examples of Ottoman architecture. Being one of the most admired spots on blue cruise trips, Rhodes has many parks and recreational facilities, natural beauty and cultural activities.

Greek Islands

The islands, which are the pearls of the Aegean Sea, offer different beauties. You will enjoy a different holiday with Blue cruise tours where you can catch cultural wealth, different living conditions and more.The Greek Islands stand out with their historical backgrounds and natural beauties. Each has its own unique beauty, offering a different experience for those who want to visit.


Famous for its bays, Gökova is one of the ideal places to enjoy the refreshing pleasure of the sea.With its natural beauties, ancient cities and beaches, you can spend a pleasant time during your holiday. Akbuk Bay, English Bay, Cinar Beach, Degirmenbuku, Sakartepe, Kufre Bay, Azmak River and Akyaka Beach are the points you can see during the tour.Those who want to spend time in their historical places will also admire the beauties of Gökova and have the privilege of making the most of their holiday time.